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Wheelchair Access:
  • 1. The wheelchair ramp is located on the end of the second building.
  • 2. Once you have entered the building, follow the exit signs out of the other building and onto the breezeway.
  • 3. Enter our building and proceed to our office.

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Deborah's Office

321 E Main St #317, Bozeman, MT, 59715

Important Notice: Communication System Update

We are currently updating our communication system. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

New Patients/Clients: For inquiries, please email us at

Existing Patients: To contact us, please use the messaging feature in our client portal app:

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Billing Inquiries: Email us at

Thank you for your understanding.

Support Groups and Events
  • Neurodiversity Support Group

What makes us different?

  • We do not view neurodiversity (ADHD, autism, and bipolar disorder) as an illness or a disorder to be cured or removed. Instead, we view it as an evolutionary adaptation that served essential roles in the growth and development of human civilization.
  • We believe that much of the dysfunction our clients experience is due to having to navigate environments that are not built for them, instead of any inherent deficits within them.
  • We support our patients in identifying their genetic purpose that has been lost to history and how to lean into their unique gifts to improve their lives and their communities.
  • Our team employs a data driven approach to assessment and on going treatment to ensure that our patients are accurately diagnosed and receive precision treatment for their concerns.

About Us

  • At Behavioral Health Consulting Solutions (BHCS), we're revolutionizing the way mental health assessments are conducted. Our innovative, research-informed, and comprehensive approach ensures an empathetic, evidence-based, and person-centered assessment experience for both adults and children

New Patients: Please schedule an intake evaluation appointment before scheduling any counseling services.

Thinking about scheduling your first appointment with BHCS?

Before you do, check out this essential guide. It details our unique, research-backed assessment process, blending data and personal insights for a comprehensive diagnosis. Understanding these four key steps will help you maximize the benefits of your journey with us.

Essential Light Reading

Our Unique Approach

Our approach sets us apart from traditional mental health assessments. Here is what we prioritize

Evidence-based bundled assessments

We employ a total of 15 screening tools, including both established and original instruments, to gather important family, medication, and developmental history.

Pre-assessment screenings

Our patients' complete screenings before their assessment appointments, allowing clinicians to prepare thoroughly and maximize the usefulness of the session.

Technology Integration

We use Seidr Software to triage behavioral health patients, suggesting diagnostic lines of questioning based on screening tool scores and tracking patient progress.


Our dedication to staying informed by the latest research sets our assessment techniques and tools apart.

Transparent and Empathetic Communication

We go the extra mile to explain diagnoses and destigmatize them, ensuring patients understand their mental health in a new light.

Accessibility for Non-Behavioral Health Professionals

We designed our assessment layout to be easily understood by non-behavioral health professionals, enabling better collaboration within healthcare teams.

Our Tools

We use a range of common and supplemental tools for our comprehensive assessments, each tailored to adults and children. These tools are designed to give our team a deeper understanding of what our patients may be experiencing

Our Patient Outcomes

Patients at BHCS experience both quantitative and qualitative improvements in their mental health journeys. Our measures and tools have been shown to reduce the time to diagnosis, increase the accuracy of diagnoses, and improve patient satisfaction by providing transparent, thorough, and empathetic communication about their diagnoses. Moreover, our focus on understanding the whole person and not just symptoms has led to a qualitative enhancement in patients' understanding and engagement in their mental health care


How to schedule?
  • Schedule on the website by clicking here 
  • Call or Text (406) 813-6158

Will we have to go through the same process if we are referred for medication?
  • If referred to another clinic for medication we will send the referral and each clinic will have their own intake process

How to contact?
  • Call or text (406) 813-6158; If you leave a voicemail you will be contacted within 1 business day
  • Send a message through our Contact Page

What is the difference between counseling and evaluations?
  • An evaluation is assessing for a variety of conditions to ensure an accurate diagnosis which must be completed before scheduling on going counseling services at BHCS. Counseling services focus on helping individuals and families understand their diagnosis and support them in understanding their specific needs and processes.

Will a diagnosis from BHCS provide accommodations in school or at work?
  • Public schools (K-12) do not accept our assessments. However, we have a referral network of providers who use the information in our assessments to make accommodations to schools.

How much is the assessment process?
  • 50 minute Pre-assessment Appointment is $170
  • 90 Minute Evaluation is $200
  • Intern 50 Minute Pre-assessment $25
  • Intern 90 Minute Evaluation $50

What to expect in the first appointment?
  • The 50 minute evaluation is the pre-assessment appointment that allows us to gather background information and determine if additional assessments are needed prior to the 90 minute evaluation.
  • Often a literature review is completed in between the 50 and 90 minute assessment appointments where clinicians will cross reference patient data and health history with the most current peer reviewed literature.


BHCS is proud to be able to work with our community to provide life-changing services to those who need it most. Donations go towards providing free or discounted services and keeping our methods up to date with the latest research for maximum efficacy. Join our list of sponsors by donating to our cause.

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