Adult ADHD Masking Measure(AAMM)

Behavioral Health Consulting Solutions (BHCS) is proud to offer the Adult ADHD Masking Measure (AAMM), a pioneering assessment tool designed for mental health and medical professionals. Developed through our data-informed diagnostic processes, the AAMM is an essential resource for accurately identifying and understanding the unique challenges faced by adults with ADHD.

Disclaimer for the Adult ADHD Masking Measure (AAMM)

Please note that the Adult ADHD Masking Measure (AAMM), provided by Behavioral Health Consulting Solutions (BHCS), is currently in its beta-testing phase and has not yet undergone formal validation. This tool is being offered for use on a trial basis and should be utilized as a supplementary assessment in conjunction with other established diagnostic methods and clinical judgments. The AAMM is designed to provide insights into the masking behaviors associated with adult ADHD, aiming to assist mental health professionals in understanding and supporting their clients more effectively. However, users should exercise caution in interpreting the results of this measure, as it is still under evaluation and its psychometric properties have not been fully established. Feedback from professionals utilizing the AAMM during this beta-testing phase is invaluable to us. We encourage users to share their experiences and observations to help refine and improve the tool for future validation and release. By using the AAMM, you acknowledge the current status of the tool and agree to employ it responsibly within the scope of your professional practice. BHCS is committed to advancing mental health care through innovative solutions and appreciates your contribution to this ongoing development process.

The AAMM is a carefully crafted questionnaire consisting of 28 items that measure the extent to which individuals mask or hide their ADHD symptoms. The tool is designed to capture a range of behaviors from never exhibiting certain behaviors to very often doing so. This measure helps in identifying the often-overlooked aspects of ADHD, especially in adults who have developed coping mechanisms to mask their symptoms.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: Simple rating scale from 0 (Never) to 4 (Very Often).
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Addresses various dimensions of ADHD masking, including social interactions, organizational habits, emotional regulation, and more.
  • Scoring Criteria: Offers a clear scoring guide from 0-112, with annotations for different levels of behavior exhibition.
  • Expert Validation: Developed and validated by BHCS's team, integrating cutting-edge research and clinical expertise.

Download the AAMM

To access this valuable tool, simply Click Here to download the AAMM for free. We encourage professionals to utilize this measure in their practice to enhance the understanding and support of individuals with ADHD.

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