About Us

In Gallatin County Montana, where Behavioral Health Consulting Solutions(BHCS) is based, the suicide rate is 10% above the national average. BHCS was founded with the goal of discovering innovative ways to address this growing epidemic.

BHCS aims to support healthcare providers by providing clinical and home based services. Our team of behavioral health professionals have pioneered diagnostic and intervention techniques that has helped identify and treat neurodiverse community members.

BHCS focuses on maximizing health information technology and utilizing the data from evidence-based screening tools to accurately triage and diagnose patients with behavioral health conditions. We use data from self-report tools to measure response to treatment and to make informed interventions at the point of care.

  • Our clients and staff feel emotionally connected to each other and to a larger purpose.
  • Continuous growth as individuals; personal, professional, and clinical.
  • As a team to do our best to face challenges with courage and hope.
Core Values
  • Connection
  • Learning
  • Leadership
  • Security
  • Challenge

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