How BHCS's Innovative Approach Was Inspired by Behavioral Health Consultation: A Journey from BHC to Founder

BHCS | Oct 15, 2023 | 3 min read


In the ever-evolving landscape of mental healthcare, Behavioral Health Consulting Solutions (BHCS) stands as a beacon of innovation. Founded by Jay Getten, whose background as a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC) has deeply influenced the practice, BHCS is redefining mental healthcare delivery. In this blog post, we'll delve into how Jay's experience as a BHC inspired BHCS's unique approach and why our clinicians identify as BHCs rather than counselors.

The Genesis: Time as a Behavioral Health Consultant

Jay's journey in the mental health field did not begin as a Behavioral Health Consultant (BHC). However, his six years spent as a BHC profoundly shaped his clinical practice. Specifically, as a member of a multidisciplinary team that is usually embedded within a primary care team. The BHC model focuses on immediate interventions for a range of issues, including:

  • Acute life stressors
  • Crises
  • Mental health and substance use disorders
  • Stress-related physical symptoms
  • Ineffective patterns of healthcare utilization This model is not dependent on psychiatric consultants and allows for "curbside consultations," offering immediate advice and guidance. The BHC's limited schedule increases availability, ensuring that patients receive timely care.

Why BHCS Clinicians Identify as BHCs and Not Counselors

While BHCS is not an integrated practice, our clinicians prefer the title of Behavioral Health Consultants over counselors. This choice reflects our commitment to providing immediate, effective interventions for a wide array of mental health challenges. Our BHCs work closely with medical teams, even if not collocated, and can refer patients to a higher level of behavioral health services as needed.

Synthesizing Past and Present: BHCS's Current Practices

BHCS has taken the foundational principles of the BHC model and adapted them to suit the needs of today's neurodiverse populations. Our approach focuses on:

  • Immediate Interventions: Just like the traditional BHC model, we aim to provide immediate care for acute life stressors, crises, and other mental health challenges.
  • Comprehensive Care: We go beyond immediate interventions to offer a holistic model of care, incorporating rigorous exploration of current peer-reviewed research and maximizing health information technology.
  • Innovation: Our proprietary software, Seidr, aids in applying a bundled assessment approach, triaging patients based on acuity, and tracking patient progress.
  • Accessibility: We have adapted the limited schedule feature of the traditional BHC model to ensure that our services are as accessible as possible.
  • Consultative Approach: Our BHCs offer what we like to call "digital curbside consultations," providing immediate advice and guidance through our online platforms.


Jay's experience as a Behavioral Health Consultant has not only shaped his vision for BHCS but also inspired an innovative approach to mental healthcare. By combining the immediacy and effectiveness of the BHC model with cutting-edge research and technology, BHCS is setting new standards in the field. Our clinicians' choice to identify as BHCs reflects our commitment to this hybrid model, offering both immediate and comprehensive care.

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