Seidr (pronounced "SAY-der;") was a form of medieval Norse shamanism involved with discovering the course of fate and working within its framework to bring about change. Like the medieval Norse practice, Behavioral Health Consulting Solutions' Seidr Software seeks to help mental health clinicians and other healthcare providers discern the fates of their patients that are often hidden in their genetic coding.

Seidr is our Clinical Decision Support System(CDSS) that we are developing to assist clinicians in making an accurate diagnosis for patients. By providing triage tools, follow-up data tracking, reporting tools, and links for patients to fill out forms, we are able to streamline the patient intake process.

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The triage scoring system uses the patient form scores to determine how quickly a patient should be scheduled for a intake. We have successfully stopped multiple patient crisis events from happening by being able to accurately triage patients. The forms that are used to calculate the overall triage score are: AQ-10, PHQ-9, WHO-5, MDQ, GAD-7, DAST-10, AUDIT, MSI-BPD, and the ASRS-5.

Follow-up Data

Follow-up Data

We utilize the PHQ-9, WHO-5, and GAD-7 forms to determine if the patients' overall wellbeing is improving. The Checkup page of a patient will show if there was a increase/decrease in the most recent scores.



Seidr's reporting feature gives clinicians access to reports that show all of their patients mental health scores. These reports can be run for individual clinician's patients, or at a organization level to see the patients scores off all clinicians in the organization. We have used this information to examine the effectiveness of our treatment plans and improve upon them.

Patient View

Patient View

Temporary links for the patient to fill out mental health forms can be emailed or texted to the patient. As the forms are completed by the patient, they are automatically scored and shown on the clinician portal.


Student with Master's in Counseling

How can we truly assist people without tailoring our sessions to their specific needs? It seems reasonable to include an assessment like the one offered by SEIDR during the initial intake session while gathering personal and family history. To be completely honest, I am starting to question whether we can properly serve our clients if we are not including assessments such as the ones offered by SEIDR from the beginning.

When I assessed myself last spring, I was amazed by the accuracy of SEIDR's results. In under 30 minutes, it provided insights like an extensive neuropsychological evaluation I had done almost two decades ago. I have full confidence in the efficacy of this software and struggle to envision counseling without understanding our clients' unique brain functioning.

It appears our treatment plans are generally based on a diagnostic hunch, which drastically increases the potential for personal bias… What if an assessment software like SEIDR ushers in a new era of counseling, where treatment plans are meticulously customized to each client's unique brain?

I envision SEIDR to bridge the gap between the art of counseling and modern science-a gap that feels fundamental to both my aspirations and successful counseling.


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