Addison Gottwals
Addison Gottwals | Behavioral Health Consultant

Addison will be starting in July!

Addison is a behavioral health intern pursuing a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Montana State University. With a focus on community well-being, Addison has provided in-home counseling services to families and clients involved with CPS and youth court during their time at BHCS. This experience has equipped Addison with a deep understanding of the unique challenges individuals face within these systems.

In addition to their experience providing in-home services, Addison is also available for ongoing counseling and behavioral health assessments. As a Relational-Cultural counselor, Addison's approach centers on the understanding that interpersonal, cultural, and societal isolation can lead to distressing symptoms. Addison is passionate about fostering connections and dismantling the barriers that contribute to feelings of chronic disconnection. Through this lens, Addison helps clients navigate the complexities of relationships and foster a sense of belonging.

Outside counseling, Addison enjoys building spaceships out of Legos, skiing, and running around the woods with their dog, Sadie.

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